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Herring gull

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Herring gull (larus argentatus)

posting an older image to ask a question. have noticed on Wikipedia it has given the life expectancy of herring gulls as up to 49 years, and black headed gulls up to 63 years..do anyboby known if thats acurate. seems very old

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Gull longevity

The black-headed gull record of 63 years comes from The Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds (1980) so its accuracy depends on where the compilers got their info from... one example of a better source (there are other options) is probably the Euring Databank of European bird longevity records (updated in 2008) at www.euring.org/data_and_codes/longevity-voous.htm - this gives 30 years for B-H gull and 34 for Herring Gull.

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thanks for that info

thanks for that info


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Try www.bto.org/birdfacts/index.htm for all sorts of useful info on many species. This website gives longevity based on both BTO ringing data and European ringing data.