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Fly - not Sciaridae, but Cecidomyiidae

Observed: 23rd April 2011 By: Martin Harvey
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Sciaridae - Great Kimble
Sciaridae - Great Kimble 1
Sciaridae - Great Kimble 1 2

This fly looks a bit like the black and yellow Sciara hemerobioides that has been posted on iSpot a few times, but that species has black legs, whereas this one has very distinctive white 'feet' that are particularly obvious in flight. I know very little about Sciaridae, any identification suggestions would be welcome.

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Not a sciarid!

Tony Irwin has now pointed out to me that this isn't a fly of family Sciaridae, but instead it's in family Cecidomyiidae (which includes the gall midges), so I'd jumped to the wrong conclusion at the start.

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