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Cladonia foliacea?

Observed: 6th March 2011 By: timawbery
cladonia foliacea

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Not a Cladonia

The photograph is too blurred to show details, but its not Cladonia foliacea.
Photo of C. foliacea for comparison:

It's foliose and could be Parmotrema perlatum but that's a possibility rather than an identification.

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As Jenny says, definitely not a Cladonia, and like her, I cannot think of a better possibility than Parmotrema perlatum,but I won't post it as an ID.

Cladonia foliacea is a coastal species, also inland in the Breckland and on other sandy heaths, but I am suspicious of other inland records.


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It is coastal so parmotrema perlatum seems to be correct having looked at it again