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Unknown blue flower

Observed: 23rd April 2011 By: clairemontanaro

pretty blue flower growing naturally in a stone wall.

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veronica spicata

it looks a bit like it......some sort of veronica anyway??? maybe....

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Definitely a Veronica, probably an exotic species from a nearby garden.

Bob Ford

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Not common but not that exotic.Not in Stace new ed.In R.H.S. Perennials from Caucasus-S.W. Asia.

Hazel Trevan

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Veronica spicata?

Thank you for the IDs. Interesting, particularly since the plant appeared out of nowhere last year, and there are no nearby gardens - I live in a remote and rural area surrounded by sheep/cattle farmland, and my garden was grazing land until 70 years ago. I am encouraging the natural native flowers to return as part of a wildlife initiative. So, where this came from I have no idea!