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Ranunculus auricomis??

Observed: 23rd April 2011 By: wabbitwabbit’s reputation in Plantswabbit’s reputation in Plantswabbit’s reputation in Plants

I'm not sure about this, the plant "appeared" in my flower bed late last year. It made such a lovely shape, even when only in leaf, that I kept it. Please oh please don't say it's just another buttercup!! I've read a bit about Ranunculus auricomis and most descriptions talk about "missing" petals, but mine seems to have them all and even the basal leaves are deeply lobed....help please!! :)

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Just a guess

I would guess at Ranunculus acris. R. auricomus' lower leaves are in three parts and these seem to be have more.

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many thanks, I've looked at Ranunculus acris and the lower leaves on that are also more "buttercup shaped" than on mine....mine also has quite thick flower stalks....maybe it's a bit of a freak but I like it anyway! Your comments and interest most welcome, thanks

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