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Uknown passerine

Observed: 19th April 2011 By: heidarheidar’s reputation in Birds
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I saw this bird in Marston marshes in Norwich. It was in some trees around there rather than in the marshes themselves, although, the trees grow right next to the marshes.
It wasn't making any sounds, it was very small and I really didn't get a good look at it but I managed to snap these two photos of it. When I looked at them I had no idea what to think, those stripes don't look like anything I'm familiar with.

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I wouldn’t like to make an identification from this (one of the experts might spot something to go on). I do think Heidar the ‘stripes’ are an illusion; I think they are most probably shadows cast by the stems above.



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Ah, good point, that very

Ah, good point, that very well could be.
It's a couple of very bad photos, I know that much. I thought it'd be worth posting then here to see if anyone had any ideas.
Thanks for the replies! :)