Darwin guide to wildlife recording - free from the NBN

Martin Harvey's picture

Okay, so you've identified some wildlife, perhaps with the help of iSpot, what can you do with that information?

The National Biodiversity Network has produced an excellent guide to recording widllife, including what to record and what can be done with the information. It is available free from the NBN Publications page.

The guide explains how to record for enjoyment, for interest and for best value for science and conservation. It's offered as the Darwin guide because Charles Darwin was himself a recorder; he loved observing natural life and used his and others' records in his science.

This publication, which has been funded through the NBN's contract with Defra, is aimed at those with an interest in wildlife, whatever their age, who would like to find out about how they can get more involved. The challenge for all of us is to ensure there are enough enthusiasts, particularly the younger generation, who will carry the tradition of biological recording on in the future, and we hope that this guide will help to stimulate interest and motivate people to do just that.