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Mushrooms in grass

Observed: 9th April 2011 By: rangerlyndsayrangerlyndsay’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Clusters/groups of white mushrooms between 5cm and 12cm. Growing in sunny, rough-ish grass.
Right, I've managed to add the further photos now!


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probably st george's at this

probably st george's at this time of year but can't really tell from the photo. at very least need to see gills and stem. just to note some rather odd mushrooms looking a bit like this came up in pavement outside my flat this week and they certainly were not st george's, unfortunately they finished very quickly in this hot weather before i got a shot.

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Is a problem

I have noticed that most ob's for fungi do not include photographs of the stem,gills and even the size rough description which is a shame as it does help to get the correct id and it does say this is helpful if you go on the fungi group how can this be encouraged to get better photo's and descriptions.


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Damn this.............

Damn this hot weather it's shrivelling up all the 'shooms when we should have wet meadows full of them at this time of year!


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Sorry about the lack of

Sorry about the lack of photos, I had taken them but the computer I was using couldn't manage more than one (and struggled severely with the map locator) it took me about 5 attempts to get one picture up. I've added the others now so I hope this helps. I was using an ID book so I think I got an idea of what parts to look for (gills, if there is frilly bit around the stem etc.) but as this is my first attempt at an ID any pointers are welcome!

If this is St George's that would be great as I found them in "St George's Gardens" which is the park I help look after. Be a nice thing to share with others!