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Sparrowhawk drops in for tea

Observed: 14th August 2009 By: kcf32
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeShropshire Wildlife Trust
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It is amazing what you can see by just looking out of your window. This is the third sparrowhawk kill I have witnessed in my smallish garden in the last couple of years. This time I believe a blackbird was its victim (the plucked feathers are just visible under the leavesof the bush in the background). On another occasion it was a woodpigeon.
We frequently get a sparrowhawk flying through looking for titbits from the bird feeders. Every now and then it rests in one of the trees or bushes.

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fantastic pictures! really

fantastic pictures! really want to see one of these beautiful hawks in the wild. How big would you say this one is form head to tail?
many thanks
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Difficult to say but my guess is 15-18"


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If and when you do, try and focus on their piercing yellow eyes through a binocular... enough to make shudders go down your spine.


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Don't want to be a sparrow...

Absolutely - you can see why all the garden birds hide when one of these is around, at least until the lure of the tasty fat-ball gets too much! Blashford Lakes reserve in the west of the New Forest has a Woodland Hide with feeders close by and a sparrowhawk is a regular there - I recently saw it swoop in and land on top of one feeder while the small birds waited it out in the undergrowth. No more than 10 feet away - brilliant!