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Observed: 13th April 2009 By: kcf32
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I know that this is more than 6 months ago but it is the only brambling I have seen in Shropshire and it was in my garden! Apologies for the haziness but my windows are not perfectly clean.
It arrived with a couple of chaffinches which soon flew away. The brambling hung around for a couple of days before disappearing.

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Very nice. Mid-April Seems quite late for a Brambling. It must have been on its way out!

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Yes, definitely not, even a

Yes, definitely not, even a first summer, male, which by April would have 'worn off' much more of the pale brownish head feathers, to reveal the dark cap 'underneath'.

On the lateness of the record, occasionally brambling do stay well into April (particulalry further north) and, not infrequently, sing (although they are incredibly rare breeders in the UK).

A few years ago a friend and I were 'competing' to have the latest local singing bramblings in spring, with one local (his) woodland in the north east of England having 'tens' of birds singing into April. There were another three or four males singing in an ares of scrub close to a very poductive beech tree, some four kms from the woodland. The woodland, won with one of the males (in full summer plumage) staying to sing well into early May!