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Poronia punctata Nail fungus

Observed: 22nd April 2011 By: miked
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Poronia punctata Nail fungus
Poronia punctata Nail fungus 1

Rather a dried out specimen spotted when looking for adders (which again failed to find!) but nail fungus more than made up for it as the next nearest record of this now very uncommon species on nbn appears to be approx 50 miles away. will check if it has been recorded for this area but records not yet made it to nbn.
Rammamere heath


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what kind

Is it sheep or horse manure that it is on,have never seen this before but looked on the website,and remember adders bite so much better find.


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Its on horse manure. Various

Its on horse manure. Various horses graze the site but none there at the moment.

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Wow, nice find!

The classic occurrences in the New Forest were on pony dung, but I don't know if it has been seen there recently?


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I am told by someone who helps monitor it that it is indeed still in the New Forest. Good to know that it is still there, as I recall a suggestion it had not been seen for a while,

In turn, she was surprised to hear of it being in a locality well away fom the Forest.

One day, perhaps, I shall see it for myself. (?)


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I always forget to have a

I always forget to have a proper look when in new forest as there are so many other fungi there to look at.