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Observed: 4th November 2009 By: kcf32
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeShropshire Wildlife Trust
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Hedgehog 007a

Hedgehog scuffling around among the scraps dropped from my birdfeeders

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Hedgehog maniacs

For any big hedhog 'enthusiasts' I recommend you to read 'A Prickly Affair' by Hugh Warwick. Very enjoyable read which gives a good insight in the best and the worst sides of conversation in action and covers the madness of the yearly Hedgehog 'clean-up' in Uist in quite a lot of interesting and witty detail. You can also join the Hedgehog Preservation Society for £7.50 a year on http://www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/


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what time?

great picture! roughly what time did you find it amongst your bird feeders? i have only seen my fella past dusk.
many thanks

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what time?


Mid-Late afternoon, the light was still good.


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Hedgehogs featured on Saving Species BBC radio 4

Hedgehogs featured on Saving Species BBC radio 4
Thanks for sharing the photograph, they really can be quite noisy cant they!
One of the stories in this week's Saving Species (Tuesday 13/Thursday 15 9pm April) focuses on the Hedgehog – we also have a forum on ispot on this lovely mammal
Hogwatch – British hedgehog Preservation Society and peoples trust for endangered species are asking for you to submit sightings of hedgehogs but they also would like to know if you used to have hedgehogs but no longer have them visiting.
or email help@hogwatch.org.uk.