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Frog or toad?

Observed: 21st April 2011 By: SandiMeg
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A couple of things in your

A couple of things in your picture tell you it is a Frog and not a Toad. Most obvious is the dark ear-patch (Toads don't have one). Then there is the *absence* of the two large oval swellings (paratoid glands) on top of the head just behind the eyes - Toads always have these. If you look at the postings of Toads you will see them easily (

Other differences (head shape, skin texture, leg length, eye colour) are also obvious but more subjective, and tend be useful with more experience of both beasts. When moving, Frogs really do leap, while the most athletic thing a Toad does on land is best described as an unenthusiastic hop.



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