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Lichen on Gravestone in St Peters Church, Old Woking

Observed: 20th April 2011 By: tholloway

This gravestone is in the Churchyard of St Peters Church Old Woking. The gravestone was from the 19th century.


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  • Leafy Xanthoria
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Clear photo needed

Any chance of a clearer photograph to show details?
The blackish one is a Verrucaria, but again need to see details for closer identification.

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Agree with Jenny, we need to see details

There are several things here and I wouldn't say for certain that any of them is a Xanthoria.

Also "Leafy Xanthoria" is not a generally recognised common name - better to give the Latin name for precision.

I know Opal are using "Leafy Xanthoria", but actually all our Xanthoria species are leafy (foliose), so really it is a very poor choice.

Good luck with the survey, but I recommend you don't use gravestones, as there are too many other variables involved.