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Picture loading indicator

I've been trying for nearly an hour to add an observation. The problem is that the upload speed is very slow at the moment.
In the past, this has happened several times, and in my experience there comes a point that, for whatever reason, the upload just isn't going to work. You have to give up and try again later.
What would help is if iSpot could give some indication of the data upload. Using the network monitor in Windows is no good, because of all the extraneous traffic that is passing to and fro. But I can easily look at the file size, and then know how many Mb have to be transferred. If there was an indicator on the Add Observation page of the Mb received, I'd know if the process was likely to succeed much earlier. If the Mb transferred stopped rising, I could give it up as a bad job.



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I'd rather we were able to

I'd rather we were able to fix the problem itself. My own experience is that upload is a lot faster and the whole site is running a lot better. I'm not aware that we have had any of the blank photo problems since upgrading the site a couple of weeks ago.

Have you noticed any improvement recently?

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