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Observed: 8th April 2011 By: M4251486M4251486’s reputation in InvertebratesM4251486’s reputation in InvertebratesM4251486’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Large black weevil about 15mm long. Almost all black except a narrow white band at the base ofthe thorax and possibly hintsof white flecks on the thorax. Elytra and thorax not ridged but very lightly pitted.Observed on hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) - it appeared to be eating it, however, when I approached closer it fell off into the grass - probably a defensive reaction to the movement.I thought it might be Lapirus glabrirostris - but the only other illustration of this species on ispot has clearly ridged elytra.

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As far as I know Liparus glabrirostris is not found in Britain, but I think you're right with genus Liparus, and it looks a good match for Liparus coronatus. This is an uncommon weevil (Nationally Scarce/Nb), and is supposed to be mostly associated with Cow-parsley, but possibly with other umbellifers as well.

A good find!

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