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Observed: 18th April 2011 By: sharonmartin
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A series of photos of an intruder bee being attacked, the attacking bees are nesting in a cavity of an old brick wall and in large numbers, I thought the attacking bees were Red Mason Bees, but the head markings don't seem to fit and I understand the Mason Bee is a solitary bee, has anyone any ideas?


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This is love, not war! The

This is love, not war! The smaller ones are the males, the larger females. 'Solitary' in this context just means that they have no workers, as the social species do, and 'solitary' bees and wasps often nest in large or even very large aggregations.



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Hi Syrphus Very many thanks,

Hi Syrphus
Very many thanks, very helpful, I am learning all the time.

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Interesting observation -

Great photos, and good to have an explanation to go with them!