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Observed: 20th April 2011 By: srb369
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Did you take a photo of it?

Did you take a photo of it? It looks as though the upload might have failed if you did, in which case could you try again? Without either an image or a description no-one will be able to confirm or correct your ID.

Jonathan Wallace

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Sadly I don't have a good

Sadly I don't have a good camera. In my cameraphone image it's just a blob of grey against a blue sky. I'll be returning to the area soon and keeping an eye out, but until I get a decent camera, a worthwhile photo is unlikely, sorry.

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It’s still perfectly ...

... possible to participate and post observations without a photo (and you would be surprised at what some of the experts on here can make of a grey blob) however to get agreement we would need a good description of the object in question. In particular we need to know you have recognised something or combination of things about the species that are diagnostic. That is; how do we know what you saw was a buzzard and not just a rook say?