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looks a bit like elm, would

looks a bit like elm, would be useful to wait a short while and photograph the leaves

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My first thought was lettuce!!!

Elm seems more likely on a twig!

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Damaged bud?

That pale appearance and the bud behind makes me think it may be beach.
The damage may be due to frost or some kind of virus or much less likely an insect.
Elm is normally darker with more crinkled leaves and is mainly sucker growth from old rootstock left over from before the 1970s.
It could be a flower that comes before the leaves too but in this case it should be possible to find pollen and flower parts on it.


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I have found a tree with leaves as well.
Disease and sucker growth also indicate this.
Any viable seed may be of value for future planting as the disease may have been slowed by cold weather allowing for flowering. I did not see the flowers in the 1970s as they were all too high in the canopy and are rare in most years now.
I have taken pictures and can put them on if you want to see them. I mistook it for that 'matted' growth that is sometimes seen on beach when i first looked at your picture.