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Observed: 20th November 2009 By: Marita
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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we have lots of these birds living in the hedges in the farmland surrounding our house

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'Dunnock' - little brown

'Dunnock' - little brown bird. How appropriate for this 'demure, quiet litte' bird.

But, check out the information on this species' extraordinary sex life (not for the faint-hearted!) for a window on the world! For certain, you'll ever after view every 'demure, quiet litte soul' that you ever meet, in a totally different light!

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You have to watch the quiet ones they say...

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Light colouring

The dunnocks in the garden of my old house (in Belfast) were much greyer than the images that have come up in iSpot recently - so am beginning to wonder about regional variation