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Blue rayed limpets

Observed: 8th November 2010 By: lauratills
The Marine Biological Association
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blue rayed limpets1
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Looks like another name change

I wonder when it stopped being Helcion

Mike Kendall

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For the sake of the Site's comfort I have removed my agreement from JoC's ID. I mean that to split Agreements in a post where only one name is accepted is going too far.
When the UK Species Index gets properly overhauled and iSpot starts (somehow) to accommodate synonyms then there will be disarray with this lovely organism - but it's not the only one, by a long way.
Notwithstanding this difficulty, one should take a look at Other Observations of this delightful little shell. Much might be gained from the rich Comment Trails. - two pages.
We should all note that in Jo's ID panel she has managed to offer a hyperlink by using HTML tagging - no mean feat! Ordinary 'Hot' links fail in ID panels.

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Barring further taxonomic changes

For this animal, when iSpot gets around to updating the names, will it not be Patella pellucida?