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Badgers - well almost!

Observed: 28th November 2009 By: er2938
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Badger sett in Kew Gardens, it is still active going by the marks and poo. Apologies if you were expecting to see a real badger.

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Badger signs

Thanks for this comprehensive collection of photos showing the various signs of badgers. The poo looks as though it has been eating fruits, can anyone identify the pips?

The only one I can not 100% confirm is the top right hand photo of a hole. If it is a badger hole then those are very big leaves! It does not look like a scrape, where the badger has been looking for grubs etc. as they are far more messy and would not have a hole going deep into the ground. If I were to guess I would have said rat or possibly rabbit. Can you give me any more details of what it looked like, size, depth of hole etc.?

Graham Banwell

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There were several holes around the characteristic badger mound (picture 3), unfortunately none of my shots of these holes came out very well. Given the vicinity I have assumed that all holes were badger holes.

Going by the leaf cover I think this particular hole was probably unused for a couple of days. From recollection, the hole wasn't going steeply doing in the ground and was about 15-20 inches across and probably too big for a rat or rabbit.