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Common Toad

Observed: 19th April 2011 By: vetandteachervetandteacher’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesvetandteacher’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
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Spotted these two in a crack between two stones in a pool in this upland stream (pictured). A bit late to be spawning - or do toads spawn later than frogs?

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>>>do toads spawn later than

>>>do toads spawn later than frogs?<<<
In general, yes. Frogs can have eggs very early in the year, even in January. Toads are a few weeks later. See



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Toads in the Teesside-Durham area

Were heading for the reservoirs and ponds about 2 weeks ago, so may still be laying now.
They prefer large, still ponds or lakes, and the fact that they use pools in streams and rivers indicates the lack of good "proper" habitat for them.

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Lack of habitat

The area where I spotted these two had very few decent sized pools and they tend to dry out fairly frequently. The frogs in the area lay in temporary pools on footpaths, I would guess that very few survive.