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Early Dragon

Observed: 19th April 2011 By: GroundhopperGroundhopper’s reputation in InvertebratesGroundhopper’s reputation in InvertebratesGroundhopper’s reputation in Invertebrates
Early Dragon

This seems quite early - would not normally see one here until May. Poor focus due to snipping small centre of picture - it perched high up.

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That IS early. I was wondering if I might be the first to post a 2011 Chaser on iSpot after this weekend. I know an area local to me where all three UK species can be found - but you've beaten me to it!
Kind Regards

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Another chaser

I saw this one over my pond two days ago.

I'm also on chalk; is this their preffered habitat?

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Another chaser

Nice photo. Dont think have a preference for chalk country but they do like sunny garden ponds that are managed for their wildlife. Recommend visit to website of British Dragonfly Society.