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Observed: 19th April 2011 By: TimArchmentTimArchment’s reputation in Plants

Small shrub outside of school in Wallsend.
Leafs grow in opposite pairs. New growth is pink. Leaves have pink tinge.

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This may be Tutsan -

a small shrub with aromatic scented leaves (when crushed) and showy yellow flowers later in season.

Phil T.

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I agree

99% this is a shrubby Hypericum such as H. x moserianum. Often used in amenity plantings.

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I did think of St John's

I did think of St John's Worts (tutsan) too - but the pink colouration suggests Hebe more to me, as lots of them are pinkish.

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I agree that this looks more like the young growths of Hypericum.

David J Trevan

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OK - I may well be wrong!

Hebe was only a suggestion! - maybe it is a Hypericum (although the H. x moserianum pictures I could find don't look much like this) - but I couldn't find a matching Hebe either.

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After a closer look...

I've had another look through some books and at the sample I took home. I'm pretty sure it is a Hypericum. Thanks for the help!

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I've added an amendment...

I saw a shrub today that looked very like this, and was clearly a Hypericum (not quite sure how I know though - just 'jizz'), so I've changed my mind.