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storing images on or off line

Presumably everyone using ispot keeps at least one copy of their images on their own computer or separate disk as well as the version they send in to ispot.

I mention this as some of the commercial online photo storage people have recently gone bust and its not clear whether all the images have been lost or not. Always best to keep several copies of all photos.

Having said this I have lost images in the past either by mistake - overwriting whole directories and not having a backup or through main hard disk failing at the same time as backup hard disk also failed. Lost track of how many hard disks i've had fail but its over 6 on various different computers and all have been very large ones so don't believe reports that its very rare for even one to fail.
Just before you think that back in the good old days of film the images did not vanish, well of course they did slowly fade away over time and they also got attacked by various mites/fungi etc and again I have lost boxes of slides due to fungal attack, perhaps should put one of those on ispot to see if anyone can ID the fungus eating the photographic emulsion.



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An important factor -

in digital photography, which I think is often overlooked.
Storing on-line is, as you point out, dependent on the service provider staying solvent (and not being "hacked" by malicious souls). It can also be expensive.
If you store copies on CDs, they have a limited shelf-life, and you really need two sets. These need to be checked periodically, and a new copy made if found to be deteriorating.
I keep 3 copies: on the PC, on my laptop, and on a portable backup drive. (Which makes it 4 copies in a way, becauseI use the usual Windows backup program, and also "Synctoy", a Microsoft add-on for XP that works with Vista as well. This produces straight copies that can be freely accessed without using "Restore".)