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Odd Pink Spanish Bluebell

Observed: 17th April 2011 By: blazzer

The plant is in my garden. Although there are many other bluebells in the garden, only this plant has the additional bracts or leaves just underneath the flower spike. Since the photo was taken, the buds have opened and look like all the other bluebells.

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Var bracteata

I've added a few examples of var bracteata of the English Bluebell.

Your title says yours is a Spanish Bluebell (although you give the taxonomic name of the English) so it might not look at all like the English ones of course.

David Howdon

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It was your photos of the var

It was your photos of the var bracteata that made me think that's what mine is, David. I stupidly used the English not the Spanish name. I will see if I can change it. Thanks for your pointers.