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Robber fly or something else?

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This insect was resting on some vegetation at the side of my pond. Is it a robber fly?

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I get swarms of these were I live to the extent that it is best to stay indoors some days.


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Where I am, I have only seen a couple of marci, so far, whereas other species have been very common indeed. They are worth keying out, perhaps, unless obviously large and black.


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Thanks for identifying this.

Thanks for identifying this. I must have overlooked it in my insect book (the diagram in there shows an individual with a much smaller head). Upon further reading, I understand that male St Mark's Flies have larger heads so I assume that's what I saw.

Fenwickfield - It's interesting to read that you get swarms of these insects where you live. I think it's the first one I've seen!

ophrys - Thanks for your comments too.

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Will put them on

I will get some pictures taken and put male and female on.


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Thanks! I look forward to

Thanks! I look forward to seeing them.