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Dead Seal

Observed: 18th April 2011 By: Naomi and MichaelNaomi and Michael’s reputation in MammalsNaomi and Michael’s reputation in Mammals
Dead Seal

A horrible photograph, but an illustration of one of the hazards that seals face it would seem: Judging by the apparent scarring on its neck, it looks like this seal died having been caught up in rope or such like.

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...or discarded fishing line

...or discarded fishing line

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Fishing lines

Yes, lots of seals and other marine mammals (and other animals like turtles) get monofilament line wrapped around them, and it can cut into the flesh, cut off the blood supply, cause infection etc. There is a grey seal female who comes ashore at Donna Nook rookery every year, who has a thin scar right around her neck. She was one of the lucky ones who survived, and she pups at the same spot on the beach every year. The animal in your photo was not so lucky and probably had a slow and distressing death.

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Gruesome -

but a worthwhile post: not all our wildlife sightings are pleasant ones!