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Trifolium but what variety?

Observed: 16th April 2011 By: Sue HendrieSue Hendrie’s reputation in PlantsSue Hendrie’s reputation in Plants

A large patch of three-leaved clover with distinct white markings. Does anyone know whether this is a variety of Trifolium or just a very bright variagation of the clover that occurs all over this cow-grazed pasture?

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Trifolium repens has a complex genetic polymorphism controlling white markings on leaves, with several genes that act singly or together. There was an old book on the teaching of genetics that tabulated these (about 16 combinations?), and to my annoyance I have long since mislaid the information.

However, the form shown here is near one end of the series. It is still Trifolium repens.


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Thanks for that Alan

How fascinating. It is very striking and almost looks as though it could be a garden cultivar. I might try a piece and see what happens!


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