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Little Black Beetle

Observed: 7th September 2009 By: afishwishafishwish’s reputation in Invertebratesafishwish’s reputation in Invertebrates
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This little beetle was on the pub table while we were eating our lunch.

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It might be S. olens (now

It might be S. olens (now Ocypus olens), but as there is no indication of scale it is not easy to be sure. What worries me is that you call it a '*little* black beetle'. Most people would call olens a very large beetle. The Staphylinidae is a huge family, many of the species black.



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Definitely a rove beetle, but

Definitely a rove beetle, but the small size (I can see a camera lens in the background) and reddish legs and antennae rule out O. olens. There are around 1500 British species in this family, so rule out one doesn't help much!

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Agree with the above comments - would one of you like to add a revision identifying this as "a rove beetle (family Staphylinidae)"?

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Rove beetle

I'll revise this as Staphylinidae if no-one else has by the time I write this. Looking more closely, the pronotum widens towards the rear and the abdomen tapers with a gentle curve (rather than being triangular as in Tachyporus or showing angled change as in Bledius). This combination suggests genera like Philonthus or Quedius - still covers many many species, but means its likely to be in the Tribe Staphylinini within the Sub-family Staphylininae - which matches the general look of the specimen as far as it can for a group as fiddly as rove beetles. I may put this as a more tentative revision as well... there also appears to be a dimple on the pronotum which might narrow it down further but clearer detail would be needed to confirm this.