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Cornish flower maybe cuckoo

Observed: 17th April 2011 By: akm253
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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cornish flower

Open flower with petals, but seems to have another bud opening in the centre,which makes me question it being a cuckoo flower

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Cornish flower

Cornish flower maybe cuckoo, found in the wild does not smell of cloves and pretty sure it is not a stock.Didn't know cuckoo flowers could have a double flower.

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Garden forms all come from

Garden forms all come from somewhere - so at some point their ancestors would have been in the wild. Double flowers with extra petals but missing stamens/stigma that turn up as odd mutations in the wild wouldn't be able to reproduce by seed, so we don't often see them, but they might be propagated by cuttings if a gardener notices them (double forms with stamens/stigma may well be able to set seed). Maybe you could start a business with these! Though I think I prefer the single ones.

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Cornwall does have a lot going for it inc. great Cuckoo fls.(slightly biased!)

Hazel Trevan