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Wrens nest

Observed: 2nd September 2009 By: Marita
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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wren nest
wren nest 2

wrens nest found in our greenhouse.

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This certainly looks like a wren's nest.

A question, why are we supposed to call these birds winter wren now? I understand the need to re-name some species in these days of global birding. However, why winter? If any bird should have the pre-fix winter it is the robin, sorry European robin. Why must we adopt the American name even though it does not fit?

Graham Banwell

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I think that............

I think that the prefix "winter" is used because in Europe there is only one species Troglodytes troglodytes. However, in the Americas, they have several species, so to distingish from the others they refer to T.troglodytes as "Winter Wren".


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I hadn't realised.................

I hadn't realised this until someone told me, but apparently Wrens are the most common bird in the UK. I suppose it's their clandestine lifestyle, hiding in thick undergrowth, which means you do not see then that often. I love them though. They're such chirpy cheerful characters.