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Is this Marsh Violet

Observed: 17th April 2011 By: vetandteachervetandteacher’s reputation in Plantsvetandteacher’s reputation in Plantsvetandteacher’s reputation in Plantsvetandteacher’s reputation in Plants
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Interesting to see a violet

Interesting to see a violet that isn't one of the three I'm fairly confident with so far. Thanks.

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Keep on checking

I am in the same position. Getting my "eye in" for V. riviniana, V. reichenbachiana and V. odorata but had to go back to the books to check this one out. The hard thing is to keep on looking at them closely without assuming it is one of the commoner ones - I mis-identified V. hirta because I assumed it was Early Dog Violet!

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Good point!

I may be getting a bit too cocky - noticed some plants labelled Viola odorata in the garden centre yesterday, and I knew (without sniffing!) that they weren't odorata. They were Viola riviniana - and told the staff that the plants were mislabelled. A bit mean to sell non-scented ones labelled scented!