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Galls on Firethorn (Pyracantha

Observed: 16th April 2011 By: GRAHAM DGRAHAM D’s reputation in InvertebratesGRAHAM D’s reputation in InvertebratesGRAHAM D’s reputation in Invertebrates
Galls on Pyracantha

Swelling on stems - covered in white fluffy material

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White fluff

I photographed the same thing here in Martin today and was going to put it on hoping for an ID. Still hoping!

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It's hard to tell -

Could this be wooly aphid attack?

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Horse-chestnut Scale (Pulvinaria regalis)

The hosts are listed as Horse Chestnut,Lime,and Maple.
I think that there are related species, which might be more interested in Pyrocantha; and of course these creatures may not be as host-specific as the books say.

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Horse Chestnut Scale

Can't really tell from the photos if this is horse chestnut scale insect, but if it is it is not currently considered to be a gall causer. Some scale insects are, some are not. The white material is a waxy secretion as produced by many scale insects.

Peter Shirley