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Hyperphyscia adglutinata?

Observed: 9th April 2011 By: jm23625
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Tree no. 2 (lime)
Tree no. 2 (lime) 1
Tree no. 2 (lime) 1 2
Tree no. 2 (lime) 1 2 3

Rosette type lichen on another lime tree, slightly better photo than previous ones. grey-green fan like lobes with centre of thallus covered by soredia. Seems to be common in urban areas? nutrient loving? Second, third and fourth lichens from nearby sycamore tree - appear to be same lichen species.


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Lichen identification

Hi Alan, apologies for the poor photos. Unfortunately I have only basic camera and try to get close-ups using magnifying glass. I do very much appreciate your time and assistance. I will be more judicious in photos I upload in the future.