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ID Notes

One of the aims of ISpot is to help people who may not be experts to identify the flora and fauna they encounter.
There is an 'ID Notes' field to fill in when uploading an observation or entering an ID but it is rather infrequently used I find.
I think that when a first ID is entered this is to be expected and not particularly a problem but, on occcasion, I see someone entering a revised ID with no explanation as to why the new ID is more likley to be correct and this, I think, is a shame (and I may have been guilty myself on occasion!).
It would be great if more users - especially those who have a high level of expertese could be encouraged to use the ID notes field or the comments function to give a brief explantation of the characters that justify the revised ID. That way other users can weigh up their arguments in deciding whether or not to agree but, perhaps more importantly, those with less experience of a particluar group can start to learn some of the finer points of identification.