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Resourceful wasp

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I noticed yesterday that a wasp seemed to be purposefully flying back and forth and upon closer investigation, I saw what it was up to. It was scraping wood off the top of the ornament my dad made for our garden. Obviously, it was using this for its nest! I've attached a second photo to show various scratch marks in the wood. I only got a photo of it from the side (I know that Common and German wasps can be told apart by the face markings, which is easy enough to do) but I always get confused when viewing them from the side! Therefore, I've suggested two identifications.

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German wasp

Apparent differences include the yellow stripes on the German wasp's pronotum bulges in the middle, and the yellow band behind the eye is unbroken (Complete British Insects by Michael Chinery - Collins 2005). My decision is based on comparisons with other photographs but is about as conclusive as a toss of a coin.