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Mining bees/solitary wasps? and burrows

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I noticed recently that my neighbour has dozens of nest burrows in the soil beneath his gravel. I watched for a while to see what would emerge from them. There were lots of ants ferrying eggs in and out of the holes but I also noticed some other invertebrates (see attached photos - sorry for poor quality of some). A couple of them look like they might be Andrena sp. but is the other one a solitary wasp of some sort? If so, is it normal for different species (ants, bees and wasps) to use the same system of burrows like this?


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Aculeate Hymenoptera.

Yes, you often find a number of ground nesting species using the same site. If it's a nice warm sheltered site and you keep an eye on it you'll likely find a list of 10-20 bee, wasp and ant species. You'l need better picks for ID though and the smaller they get the less likely you'll get a species level ID.

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Halictine bees

These look like either a Halictus or Lasioglossum species. Its not an Andrena and certainly not a wasp. One of the bees has a very full pollen load of yellow pollen.

ID to species level based on pics is virtually impossible (they are tricky enough when pinned)

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Thank you both for the

Thank you both for the interesting information. As I said, I'm sorry the pictures aren't better. It was difficult to know where to focus the camera due to the fact that there were so many burrows (they're not all shown in the pictures) and the insects didn't stay in the same place for long. Also, even though I used the zoom on my little digital camera and enlarged the photos further, they didn't come out that big!