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ID needed please!

While walking by a somerset harbour yesterdy, I came across a bird I did not recognise. It was about the size of a mistle thrush, light brown in colour (I was not close enough to see too much detail). I think it had a dark stripe across the head. It's feet seemed large. It ran along as though gliding. When it flew, it reminded me of a skylark soaring, but it didn't fly so high. It made what I can only decribe as an increasingly excited 'chip' sound as it flew higher. I saw it both on Sunday and Wednesday of this week. Both times it was on its own. COuld it be a mygrant that has lost its way? Or is there a more common explanation?



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Could the above be a meadow

Could the above be a meadow pipit? I have never seen one before!

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Could indeed be a pipit -

If you look at the next thread in this topic, you'll see that they are very confusing birds!
However, they aren't mistle thrush size, unless your scale is wrong (which is an easy mistake to make).
It could well be a migrant that has become lost, in which case the possibilities are many!

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Thank you!

Thank you for your swift reply! I put up the first message before looking at images. I may have got the scale wrong. I have been studying birds for many years now, but have not come across the pipit family before. I have just had another look at the RSBP site and listened to the sound of the Rock Pipit. I now think that that is the one. Is it common, especially at this time of year to see just one? Also I notice the write up says that they are more common in the south east. Was my sighting unusual?