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Collared dove

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collared dove

Small pigeon on balcony of apartment in Tenerife

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can anyone tell me

why this is not African Collared Dove? Does not look right for Eurasian Collared Dove to me.

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Collared Dove

I can't see anything wrong with this for decaocto, really. Variation in Collared Dove in this country is quite large in terms of colour. It doesn't look small (though that is virtually impossible to judge on a single bird) and it does not seem to be pale below, as in riseogrisea. There is no contrast between upperparts and underparts, certainly.

Looking at other threads on this problem on the internet, it is clear that this is very unlikely to get resolved! They are both on the Canary Islands, apparently.

I would leave it as is, or change it just to Streptopelia.


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collared dove

It does look a bit pinky/orange on a second look. The ones I see in the UK seem more uniformly grey. What is the difference between the species?

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I didn't know there was

an African Collard Dove and looking again ?

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