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Buzzard or Eagle?

Observed: 7th June 2010 By: Stuart1960
Buzzard or Eagle?

Appeared as a very big bird high in the sky. No other birds around to compare with. Single bird.

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Sorry its a buzzard. It can

Sorry its a buzzard. It can be had to tell and I can't find a good example on ispot to show you the difference. I know its a bit glib but its sort of true - its easy to mistake a buzzard for a golden eagle much less easy to mistake a golden eagle for a buzzard. Have a look at which to me has a golden eagle feel to it.

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The things that make this a

The things that make this a Buzzard and not a Goldie are the short neck, short tail, and short wings. The proportions of a Goldie are very different from this.

To put Mark's advice in a different way, the rule is: if you have to wonder if it is an eagle, it's not one! When you see a Goldie, if you are at all familiar with Buzzard, you will know you have one immediately.



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