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What spider is this?

Observed: 14th April 2011 By: ZaksjewelZaksjewel’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Large brown spider found under a piece of wood in my garden. With legs spread, it was about the size of a 50p piece, with a very large abdomen.
I am in the South of the UK.
Any ideas what it is?

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It might be Orb Web spider - Nuctenea umbratica? This hides away in cracks & crevices and sometimes under bark. It is active nocturnally.

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This is Steatoda rather than Nuctenea, and I think you're correct with S. bipunctata, assuming the body was no more than about 7mm long. The other possibility is S. nobilis, but that is larger (8.5-14mm body length for females) and usually has more of a pattern on the abdomen.

Nuctenea is similar but has a flatter abdomen and you can usually see a whitish zig-zag line down each side of the abdomen, rather than the straighter line around the front of the abdomen that genus Steatoda has.

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