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Location information won't upload

Everything working well up until location information is required - we can neither use the map (opens for 3 seconds and shuts down) nor enter long or lat.

We just keep ending up with the pink box telling us we need to enter valid long or lat information.




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I am having the same problem,location map will not work,type in name area click to find and nothing.I have resorted to going into google earth and finding the grid rep then back on Ispot to do my ob's.Is this happening to everyone.


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Location problem too

I am having the same problem,it has been happening for a couple of weeks,so have resorted to going on google earth to get long and lat then back on Ispot to do the ob's.

Double help


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which operating system and

which operating system and browser are you using?

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Location Information won't load

Using internet explorer 8 with Vista, changed to Google Chrome and location information now works I assume its a problem with Explorer 8.


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Any change

Hi Tori,

We've made a couple of changes recently that might have helped. Can I ask if you're still having problems?

Richard G - iSpot technical team