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Japanese Knotweed

Observed: 13th April 2011 By: George WGeorge W’s reputation in PlantsGeorge W’s reputation in PlantsGeorge W’s reputation in Plants
Japanese Knotweed
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I've seen it growing in various places around East London - front gardens, public gardens by bus stops etc.

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Eradication is difficult -

It looks like they plan to dig out the plant and the underlying earth. The site needs to be monitored for several years to deal with any surviving fragments.
You can always identify landfill sites where they haven't followed the guidelines to bury it at least 2m from the ultimate upper level: they have a fine crop of the stuff!

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Aphalara itadori

What do you think about the trial in progress to release this alien natural predator of the plant?

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I have not seen any results -

but it is to be hoped it will prove effective.