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Xanthoria aureola?

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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Naming confusion

I'm not sure whether you based your identification on illustrations in an old or new reference book, but things have got a bit confusing for X. aureola.......

The lichen that used to be called Xanthoria aureola is now known as Xanthoria calcicola:

The lichen that was called Xanthoria ectanoides was recently re-named X. aureola:

Anyway, yours is Xanthoria parietina!

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Re: naming confusion

Hi Jenny,

I based my identification on an illustration in a reference book which is 10 years old but a couple of the lichens looked similar to me so I wasn't at all sure! Thanks for explaining about the updated names and for setting the record straight regarding my false identification! I appreciate your help!