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Mirid Bug

Observed: 12th April 2011 By: George WGeorge W’s reputation in InvertebratesGeorge W’s reputation in InvertebratesGeorge W’s reputation in Invertebrates
Mirid Bug

Saw this bug when I turned over a plank of wood on our allotment.

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could be

possibly Rhyparochromus vulgari, but I'm unsure of their habitat.

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Rhyparochromus vulgaris?

I was about to say this is more likely to be R. pini than R. vulgaris, since R. vulgaris isn't on the British list, but having looked further into it I realise that R. vulgaris has recently been found in Britain, and I think Anna's suggestion is the correct one, based on the pale spot at the end of the wings.

Would you like to add it as an ID Anna?

There is a a photo of the first confirmed British specimen here (scroll down the page a bit):

I'm not sure if it's been found anywhere else, so if this can be confirmed it might be the second British record! Would be great to get some more photos if you can find it again.

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Thanks Martin,

and George for finding it! :D

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Anna, sorry to be a pain, but could you add a further ID with the 's' on the end of vulgaris!

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ok, sorry heh. typo.

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R. vulgaris

comparing images of the two Rhyparochromus species, it seems that the wedge-shaped white markings on the pronotum are also very suggestive for R. vulgaris

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