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Observed: 12th April 2011 By: anonymous spotter
Chiffchaff 2

I'm pretty sure this is a Chiff-Chaff: but the song was actually three syllables to each phrase.

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Could it be a....... ??

Its legs look light brown rather than blackish - could it be a Willow warbler??

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I can see what you mean about the legs.

A lot of willow-chiffs come up on iSpot. Leg colour is often difficult to judge from a photo, and can also be variable within the two species. The best way to tell them apart is the amount that the primary feathers project beyond the tertials (much longer in Willow). The amount of yellow on the breast, the darkness of the cheek patch and the leg colour (as you say) are all extra things to consider.

They are never easy, but this looks like a classic Chiffchaff, as already stated.


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Not from the song -

Apart from the extra syllable, it was a classic example.

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Many thanks.....

Many thanks for the info. My guide is rather dogmatic about leg colour - good to have a more realistic picture