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Tree in garden

Observed: 10th April 2011 By: TrinityTrinity’s reputation in PlantsTrinity’s reputation in PlantsTrinity’s reputation in Plants

tall, with long stems of tiny pink flowers, very attractive to butterflies. but wot is it??

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I think -

Fenwickfield is right, but it would be good to see a bit closer detail, or a flower.
This bush is no longer considered desirable, since although it attracts butterflies with nectar, its invasive nature and tendency to displace food plants is a disadvantage.
I read about this, of course, after planting one...

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Yes, I heard that, but it was

Yes, I heard that, but it was already in the garden when we moved in, I'v no desire to remove it, just keep it in check with som regular pruning. Sorry about the lack of a flower piccie, but it hasn't com into flower yet, mayb in the next few months it will and I can include one then. Thanx for ur input.. xx