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Evergreen bush

Observed: 10th April 2011 By: TrinityTrinity’s reputation in PlantsTrinity’s reputation in PlantsTrinity’s reputation in Plants

large bush in garden, would like to kno wot it is.

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I'm inclined to think it's a

I'm inclined to think it's a box too, although haven't smelt it yet. I hav a Box bonsai in the garden which it looks similar too, just wasn't sure, I'v never seen it flower, so I wouldn't agree with the honeysuckle id, I'll try and get clearer photo's of the leaves, although my camera is not great... xx


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You wouldn't notice...

...the flowers on Lonicera nitida. They are tiny to the point of insignificance compared to the climbing varieties. Another clue is the stems - they have a faint purplish tinge to them whereas box are normally the same green as the leaves. I'll stake 18 years as a professional horticulturalist on it! ;D

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It's not box...

As I stated in my previous comment I was a trained, professional horticulturalist for 18 years. I've planted, propagated and pruned Lonicera nitida on countless occasions so I'm familiar with it.
I fully agree it looks like box in many ways - I sometimes describe it as "poor man's box" because it's normally a lot cheaper to buy (being easier to propagate and faster growing). If you Google 'buxus sempervirens' then select images, you will see that the stems are green with no hint of purple.